Lunch on a winter day: Turn your salad into soup! 12/28/21

Vegetable soup with chicken and noodles

It is rainy and chilly here in Northern California for which we say, YAY! Our water woes seem like daily news reports and we have been asked to cut back on usage. So we are happy to have rain but temperatures in the 40s are pretty cold for here.

I have leftover crudite from Christmas Eve and was thinking of making a big salad with some rotisserie chicken breast meat that I have but I am already cold and a big cold salad just was not speaking to me. So I changed my salad into soup!

Luckily I have chopped onion left from the tacos Monday night and I have some mushrooms that I can spare from my pasta on Wednesday. I start those in a pot with a little olive oil spray. The carrots, celery, and broccoli are any easy chop from my crudite. Along with some chicken stock they all head for the pot. Then I shred up some chicken and add an ounce of noodles, cook the whole thing for about 10 minutes and I have a delicious, warming bowl of soup.

I made enough to have seconds and even offered a small bowl to John who had already finished his sandwich of the day.

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