Dining out! Chilean sea bass. 2/3/22

We do not dine out much so it is always a treat to go out. Dining out in St. George, Utah has usually been an iffy thing but over the last 20 years it has certainly improved.

I almost always order some sort of seafood. Not only are such choices more apt to fit into my healthy eating plan but they are my favorite things to eat too! Last night I opted for Chilean sea bas which came with a little lobster sauce, some vegetables, and mashed potatoes.

My Chilean sea bass dinner on a fancy fish plate

John and our son ordered Hungarian goulash. The chef is Hungarian so it seemed like a good choice. But saucy beef and spaetzle is not on my plan. They both said it was good and cleaned their plates.

Hungarian goulash

Critiquing my dinner I would say that the fish was cooked perfectly but was not as tasty as the Chilean sea bass we make at home. Plus, if you are going to serve me a fancy lemon, take the pits out!

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