Fettuccine with mushroom/beef sauce. 2/2/22

Fettuccine with mushroom/beef sauce and salad

On Wednesday I made a mushroom and beef sauce to dress our Carba-Nada fettuccine. Usually we just stick with vegetables for a sauce but since our son is with us we gave everyone a treat.

To make the sauce first I browned the meat and then took the cooked meat out of the pan. Next I sautéed mushrooms, onions, garlic, and tomato paste seasoning each ingredient as it went into the pan. Then red wine to deglaze, add the meat back in, and a large can of diced tomatoes and a standard size can of tomato sauce. The sauce simmered on the stove for an hour and then when we tasted it, we corrected the over-brightness with a little soy sauce and spiced it up with some hot sauce. Last to be added were several torn basil leaves.

I served our plates of pasta with a salad and some more torn basil and parmesan cheese over the top. It was really delicious!

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