Sautéed veg with frambled egg 2/20/22

Sautéed vegetables over kale and cauliflower rice topped with a frambled egg

What, you may ask, is a frambled egg? I just saw the term, frambled, in a cooking email yesterday. It’s an egg that you don’t start scrambling until it is somewhat set like a fried egg thus the portmanteau, frambled. Actually taste-wise it is pretty much the same as a soft scrambled egg.

I put down a layer of raw kale followed by some microwaved cauliflower rice sprinkled with sriracha. On top of that came the sautéed mushrooms, scallions, carrots, and broccoli seasoned with salt, pepper, rogan josh, and garlic powder. Finally the egg topped the dish. The only tricky part is working fast enough so that everything is still warm when all the components are cooked!

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