Pre-made chickpea stew on a bed of raw kale over cauliflower and white rice mix 5/28/22

Chickpea, turnip, fennel, carrot, and chard stew over raw shredded kale with 50/50 mix of white rice and cauliflower rice

Hard to believe but sometimes I do not feel like cooking. My lazy day often happens on Saturday after five straight days of meal preparation. In my former less healthy-eating days this would have been a night of take-out Chinese food or pizza delivery. But I am still trying to conquer those evil demons so instead we opted for the ease of a pre-made meal better known as leftovers.

For a new twist and to pad our leftover stew I added a layer of raw shredded kale. John made some new white rice which I cut with cauliflower rice. Using a mix retains the texture or the rice while paring down the calories by half.

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