Chana dal 6/25/22

Chana dal over raw kale and cauliflower rice

Chana dal is probably our favorite Indian dish. It is a stew of dried split chickpeas with spices, onion, ginger, garlic, and spicy tomatoes. I make it in my Instant Pot where it cooks under pressure for 15 minutes. I serve mine with a layer of raw kale followed by cauliflower rice and then the Chana dal on top. My sisters are always telling me that they do not like Indian food because they do not like curry as if every Indian dish is a curry. This delicious dish is curry-free but there is no convincing some people. For extra spice I like to drizzle some sriracha on top.

BTW due to a shortage of chile peppers sriracha is not being produced this summer. We tried looking for some last week and it has disappeared from all the stores around here. Some people must be hogging all the available sriracha!

Finally here is a picture of the wildfire on the ridge behind our house. Pretty scary.

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