Seared tuna, lentils, and broccoli 10/24/22

Seared tuna, lentils, radish, and broccoli with a warm soy vinaigrette

We were supposed to be making lentils with turkey sausage tonight but we saw a nice piece of tuna at Costco and took the lentils in a different direction. I whizzed up a little onion, garlic, and ginger in my mini-prep, sautéed them, and added the lentils and water. In 20 minutes at a low simmer they were done. While I steamed the broccoli John quickly seared the sesame seed encrusted tuna. We had some leftover soy vinaigrette from last week so I zapped it in the microwave and dinner was ready.

Do lentils go with tuna? Not totally but the soy vinaigrette tied everything together.

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