Singapore shrimp with rice and snow peas. 10/25/22

Singapore shrimp with rice and snow peas

The sauce is what makes this shrimp Singaporean. It is salty from fish sauce, tart from rice wine vinegar, spicy from chili garlic sauce, and tomato-ey sweet from ketchup. You can find the recipe from the last time I made it – We make a half recipe since only John and I are eating it.

It is a little fussy to make. First you sear the shrimp and take it out of the pan. Then you cook the finely chopped garlic, onion, and ginger. (I use my mini-prep for this) and then you add in the sauce which needs to be cooked since there are raw shrimp in it. Finally you add back in the whole seared shrimp and warm up the whole thing together.

Fussiness aside, this is a very tasty dish with the sauce hitting all the taste points!

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