Fried scallops with tots and salad. 12/8/22

Fried scallops and tartar sauce with tater tots and salad

This is my birthday dinner. I love fried scallops and have not had them since July 17, 2020! That’s the thing about having this blog I always know what and when I ate something. So obviously frying stuff is not usually on the menu.

The downside to not making something very frequently is that we are sometimes a little a hazy about the procedure. I suggested to John that he heat the oil to 375F. That temperature turned out to be a little hot and the scallops turned out a little dark. But they were still delicious.We all enjoyed the scallops with my Fish Market Tartar Sauce, my secret recipe!

Otherwise we also had a bunch of crispy Tater Tots and a packaged Caesar salad. Where’s the cake? No cake for me. Sweet things are just not in my wheelhouse. Instead my daughter made spice cookies, thin and crispy and about the size of a 50 cent piece, (Do they have those anymore?) The cookies are just barely sweet and get their heat from powdered mustard.

It was a lovely birthday dinner made lovingly by John, me, and our daughter.

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