Shrimp street tacos and salmon summer rolls. 1/22/23

Shrimp street tacos

I am always trying to find items which will not blow my food budget when we are on a road trip. Although these tacos came with chips (which I gave away to my dining partners), shrimp and corn tortillas are always a good choice. I wish they had not squirted the pink stuff on top but otherwise this lunch was pretty good. We are so happy that Tia’s in St. George, Utah seems to be prospering especially since most restaurants in the area are closed on Sundays and we were hungry!

After we got to our destination and checked into our condo for the week, we headed to the grocery store for supplies. Sushi was the easy dinner for Sunday night. When you have been on the road driving all day the idea of making a complicated dinner was a non-starter. I chose salmon summer rolls. We raised our glasses of Negroni sbagliato and wished each other a very happy vacation.

Salmon summer roll picture thanks to
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