Ribeye steak, twice-baked potato, broccoli. 1/24/23

Ribeye steak, twice-baked potato, and broccoli

This vacation week is a cavalcade of food I do not usually eat. John seems excited by the prospect of dinners that include beef, cheese, and butter plus salty, crunchy snacks with cocktails. It is our son’s birthday week and I want him to eat what he likes. I shall repent at leisure for this over-indulgence.

There is a gas grill right outside the kitchen door here and John used it to cook the steaks perfectly. We like ours medium-rare. We each got our own steak which was too much for any of us to eat. Everyone is interested in leftover steak sandwiches for lunch or steak and eggs for breakfast.

The original plan was to microwave the potatoes and then finish them on the grill. That is the method we use at home. Since I am an indulgent mom I asked our son if he would prefer a twice-baked potato and his eyes lit up. After microwaving the potatoes I sliced the potatoes in half and scooped out the potato innards. The shells went into a 350F oven to crisp up while I mashed the innards with butter, milk, and cheddar cheese. After stuffing the creamy, cheese-y concoction back into the potato shells I baked them briefly followed by short stint under the broiler.

I cooked the broccoli in a little water and butter. Afterwards I garnished the florets with Parmesan cheese.

I just want to state that although our dinners have been and will be over-the-top this week, zero desserts have been eaten. At least it helps that I do not like sweet things. It is my one saving grace.

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