Salmon, rice, and green beans with a mustard sauce. 2/3/23

Oven roasted salmon, white rice/cauliflower rice mix, and green beans with a mustard sauce

John tried a new technique for cooking the salmon that we saw on America’s Test Kitchen last week. He pre-heated a sheet pan in the oven set to 500F. When the oven reached temperature he took the pan out, sprayed it with olive oil spray, and laid the seasoned salmon on skin side down. While he was doing this I lowered the temperature to 275F. Then the salmon went back in the oven and cooked for 7 minutes. Our fish was only about 3/4 inch thick so we had to adjust the time for a shorter roasting time than the recipe suggested.

We were happy with the way the salmon came out. There was very little albumin seeping out and the clean up was easy since we had lined the sheet pan with aluminum foil.

John had made some rice earlier and I added cauliflower rice to mine so that my portion seemed larger. I heated the rice mix in the microwave and added some sliced green onions. The green beans were cooked in a little water in a pan and were finished with a pat of butter.

The mustard sauce really tied the whole dish together. It is simple to make. Mix one tablespoon each of Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, and yellow mustard with one tablespoon of lemon juice, one table spoon of minced onion, one tablespoon of olive oil, and one to two tablespoons of water to thin it out. Easy-peasy. This is also a great sauce to serve with sheet pan turkey sausage and vegetables.

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