Matzoh ball soup. 4/8/23

Matzoh ball soup

On Saturday we had our Passover celebration. Not the right day but it was when we could all get together. John and I spent a lot of time making our festive dinner and making our table look inviting to our family.

Table set for Seder

Of course in the hustle of getting everything on the table I forgot to take a picture of the food except for the matzoh ball soup! Our main course was grilled boneless leg of lamb, mashed potatoes, asparagus with sauce Grabiche, and macaroons, homemade, for dessert.

The soup comes from a Manischewitz box but with our own spin. John whips the egg whites to make the matzoh balls fluffy and also adds baking powder and baking soda. I chopped up a bunch of vegetable to add in as well. Everybody seemed pretty pleased with the dinner and I am happy to have leftovers for the beginning of next week.

Now on to Easter today! We are celebrating at our daughter-in-law’s parents’ house. They are having roast ham, scalloped potatoes, and some vegetable along with pies. Celebrating dual holidays is fun and tasty but hard on the waistline!


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3 Responses to Matzoh ball soup. 4/8/23

  1. beachbum94 says:

    Great blog post! The matzoh ball soup looked amazing and I loved hearing about the extra ingredients you added. I am curious, have you ever tried making the soup completely from scratch or do you prefer using the box mix?
    John Wright


    • Beebamom says:

      Yes, I tried to make it from homemade stock and matzoh balls but I got a lot of blowback from from family members who were used to the salty boxed variety that I w
      Felt that the box variety made everyone happier.


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