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Clam chowder. 11/1/22

At last we had a rainy day here in Northern California! So we scuttled our plans to have grilled hamburgers and went with a rainy day soup. The clam chowder I make is not the thick type you usually associate … Continue reading

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Rhode Island style clam chowder. 11/20/20

According to NY Times Cooking, this Rhode Island rendition is a “Clear clam chowder originating along the southern coast of Rhode Island, where it is a local delicacy much to be preferred over the creamier version of Boston …” Of … Continue reading

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Clam chowder with crouton. 7/6/20

A while ago I came across a recipe by the chef, Gabriel Hamilton, for a clam chowder that you serve over toast. It was way more complicated and full of fat than anything I normally make but the idea appealed … Continue reading

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