Clam chowder with crouton. 7/6/20

A while ago I came across a recipe by the chef, Gabriel Hamilton, for a clam chowder that you serve over toast. It was way more complicated and full of fat than anything I normally make but the idea appealed to me. Last night we adapted that recipe to one that meets our requirements without, I think, sacrificing flavor. Remember John and I are in the midst of a weight loss/healthy eating journey where I have lost over 45 lbs. and John over 40 lbs. eating exactly the plates of food pictured on my blog. I also made the recipe much easier by using canned chopped clams and bottled clam juice. We really, really liked the results and I have posted the recipe following the picture.

Clam chowder with crouton

Adapted from a recipe by Gabrielle Hamilton

2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 medium onion, minced
2 ribs of celery, minced
2 leeks, dark, woody green parts removed, ¼” coins
10 ounces golden new potatoes, medium dice
2 sprigs thyme, picked
2 sprigs tarragon
6 ounces dry white wine
2 bottles/16 ounces clam juice
Juice from 2 cans chopped clams (~8 oz.)
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons heavy cream
12 ounces chopped clams (2 cans, reserved liquid, see above)
3-4 slices hearty bread, toasted

Step 1
In the Dutch oven, heat the olive oil, and add onion, celery, leeks, potatoes, tarragon, and thyme, stirring to coat. Season with salt, and cook over low heat until the vegetables have just started to soften, taking care not to brown, about 5 minutes. Deglaze with white wine and then add the clam juice and reserved clam liquid. Simmer until potatoes are al dente.
Step 2
Stir in the cream, and simmer until vegetables are cooked through, taking care not to boil. Add the chopped clams, and season to taste with salt and ground black pepper. Remove from heat.
Step 3
Toast the bread until golden, and place each piece in a bowl. Add a ladleful of chowder around the toast. Add another ladleful partially covering toast.

A delicious dinner – mixed green salad and clam chowder with crouton

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