July 20, 2016 – Shrimp curry with cherry tomatoes and rice

Curried shrimp with cherry tomatoes and rice

Curried shrimp with cherry tomatoes and rice

Note: For a vegan dish substitute tofu for shrimp.

This is an adaptation of a recipe I saw on the NYTimes cooking site. Their version has it served over rice noodles but I thought that rice would be a better absorber of the sauce.

John went to work today which gave me some solo time in the kitchen to try something new. I cannot seem to link the recipe but you can find it at the NYTimes Cooking site as Curry Noodles with Shrimp and Coconut. They also suggest that it can be made with tofu for vegans and vegetarians.

I still need to work on this recipe a bit. It needed more spice and a less sharp flavor. We added more curry at the end and some butter and additional fish sauce. But it was fun toasting the various spices and grinding them. Plus my daughter and I used the spice search to clean out our cupboard of old, stale spices.!

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