National Shrimp Day (U.S.) – Shrimp tacos – 5/10/17

I did not know that May 10th was National Shrimp Day here in the U.S. when I planned to make shrimp tacos. Just a lucky happenstance, I guess. (BTW May 10th is also a National Day for receptionists, third shift workers, school nurses, biking to work, lipids, and cleaning up your room. Apparently naming stuff National fill-in-the-blank Day is what Congress spends its time doing.)

Shrimp tacos and spicy black beans

John marinated and cooked the shrimp and I prepared the condiments and beans. I got a mango and peach salsa which went really well with the shrimp and I also made a crema from non-fat yogurt, cumin, and salt. The soft tortillas are corn. The beans were spiced up with some fire roasted Rotel tomatoes and jalapeños and adorned with sliced green onions and cilantro.

Happy National Shrimp Day!


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