High fiber side dish. 10/7/17

Since I am trying to bring down an upwardly creeping glucose level, I am making sure I eat some increased fiber especially when I eat an item with a high glycemic index content. Tonight’s no-no is a white bread hamburger roll. Tonight’s side dish is fiberful white bean and brussel sprout warm salad with a parsley lemon vinaigrette.

Cannellini beans with brussel sprouts in a lemon parsley vinaigrette

This concoction was inspired by a NYT recipe for white beans with asparagus and a tarragon dressing. I just made mine with what I had at hand.

The dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley came out really well. I think if I make it again, though, I would sub in smaller white beans. The cannellini beans were too mushy. Maybe if I had soaked the beans and cooked them instead of using canned ones they would have had more structure. But since this is supposed to be an easy side dish I think I will merely try a different canned bean.

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