Sous vide chicken breast with corn, shallots, and cream. 7/10/18

John and I love French food although we rarely make it.  In our minds the fabulous ingredients and sauces are just too rich for a weekday night. However since I have been trying to introduce new dishes to my website and a little more variety to our cooking and dining, I have been scouring the internet for new dishes. On Chicken Tuesday instead of the same old classic chicken I found a recipe for chicken with a creamy mustard sauce by Pierre Franey. I spent many wee hours of the night watching his shows on Public Television in the 1980’s while feeding my babies.

Sous vide chicken breast with corn, shallots, and cream

Pierre Franey did not sous vide his chicken breasts but we are trying to keep the heat down in the kitchen and we know that using the immersion circulator will give us perfectly cooked chicken. John makes the sauce of shallots, corn, and cream while I get the broccoli ready and heat up the leftover rice from our Chinese take-out dinner on Sunday.

The juice from the chicken in the sous vide bag is added to the sauce and the broccoli is cooked and the rice reheated. We put it together on our plate for a fabulous weekday meal  that could easily be made in under an hour using a saute of the chicken breast instead.

I need to be looking for some additional French dishes!



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