Classic chicken dinner. 1/21/19

We used to sing this song in school which started “Today is Monday, Today is Monday. Monday, bread and butter! All you hungry soldiers we wish the same to you.” Here at our house the song is always Monday, chicken!

(I just looked this song up and mostly I see lyrics that are about hungry children. I learned this song in kindergarten (1954) not so very long after the end of WWII and maybe we were still concerned about hungry soldiers then. Anyway, the rest of the song was repetitious with different foods or events for each day. Tuesday, string beans; Wednesday, soup; Thursday, roast beef; Friday, fish; Saturday, payday; Sunday, church)

Sous vide chicken breast with gravy, steamed broccoli, mashed rutabagas

Tomorrow we are having fried rice leftovers and then we will be away for a few days. Hopefully I will find something to post about.


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