Mexican food on the go. 3/2/19

Our original plan to travel down CA1 has been scratched due to the incessant rain. If you have never taken the coast road from Carmel down to Cambria, it is a gorgeous two lane road perched on a cut in the edge of the cliffs rising out of the ocean.  It is a little hair raising on a sunny day but what with all the rain and the possibility of slides we take US101 south instead.

In Soledad we stop at Taqueria Pacheco for lunch. It is highly rated on Yelp and other rating sites and surprisingly in a La Placito grocery store.

Taqueria Pacheco

While their combo plates are pretty pricy at around $13.00 the tacos are either $2.50 or $3.00 each. John and I decide on two each. I order two shrimp tacos which could of done with a bit less cooking of the shrimp.

Shrimp tacos

John has one chorizo taco and one tripe taco.

Chorizo and tripe tacos

By the way the roasted jalapeño was delicious!

When traveling we always try to try some local food. It is usually better tasting and more adventurous. Plus you are helping family owned establishments and their communities.

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