Fried scallops with confetti rice, broccoli. 3/10/19

We try something different with the breading on the fried scallops. I suggest we try fresh breadcrumbs instead of panko breadcrumbs. I also suggest we try shallow frying but I do not win on that one. I am not the animal protein cooker and I should just mind my own vegetable business. Anyway I figure using fresh breadcrumbs will mean fewer calories and carbs on the breading as well as a more delicate crunch.

While John is dealing with the scallops I take out the leftover rice from yesterday and cook it in a frying pan. I am trying to achieve the soccarat on the bottom of the rice that John likes so much. I think I achieve some crustiness and while the rice is cooking I steam some broccoli on top. One pan cooking!

Confetti rice achieving soccarat with steamed broccoli on top

The scallops get dark way faster with the fresh breadcrumbs and although they look a bit dark, they are cooked perfectly inside.

Fried scallops with rice and broccoli

Today for breakfast John made congee with the last bit of the confetti rice so no more rice reappearing this week!

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