Dos de Mayo (Shrimp tacos). 5/2/19

It did not occur to me that this coming Sunday is Cinco de Mayo so I scheduled tacos for this week instead. Sunday is my leftovers day so maybe we can have something to celebrate with then too. Everyone here enjoys Mexican food.

Shrimp tacos in singed corn tortillas, mango salsa, and spicy black beans

John marinated the shrimp in Mexican spices and cooked them in about two minutes once  everything else was ready. He toasted the tortillas over the open flame of the stove. I could not find mango salsa at the store so I bought a mango, put it in a little juice from a tomato salsa and added red pepper, cumin, and salt. The shrimp tacos were served with the salsa, chopped avocado, cabbage-y greens, cilantro, and sour cream. The black beans were heated up with a half a can of Rotel and some additional spice. The beans were served with sour cream and cilantro.

Happy Dos de Mayo!


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