Instant Pot Palak Dal. 5/25/20

Our son has been encouraging us to try this dal (lentil) dish that he makes at home. The recipe he sent me Lentils with Spinach or Palak Dal was from America’s Test Kitchen and like many of their recipes had more steps and butter than I wanted to include. But he was right about my liking this dish and I enjoyed it a lot after combining three recipes, his ATK, my Chana dal, and a palak dal that I found from an Indian blogger. After sautéing spices, ginger, and garlic in my Instant Pot I added split chickpeas that had had a 30 minute soak, a can of tomatoes with chiles, and some water. I then pressure cooked it for 15 minutes. I let it lose pressure on its own for ten minutes and then vented the pot. At this point I added 5 cups of baby spinach, stirred it in, and it was time to eat. The rice soaked up the yummy broth and I had to go back for seconds.

Thanks, Jon, for the recommendation!

Instant Pot Palak Dal with dried split chickpeas and rice

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