Un-chiladas . 5/29/20

I came up with the idea for this dinner. I said, “How about we have chicken breast with salsa verde, brown rice, and spicy black beans?” John said, “No tortillas? That would be like having un-chiladas!” And so out of my wanting to save some tortilla calories, un-chiladas were born.

John sous vide the boneless, skinless chicken breast and I made the spicy black beans from a can of beans, part of a can of tomatoes with chiles, cumin, and cilantro. The rice was made on Wednesday and we just heated that up. We had a jar of Herdez fire-roasted salsa verde to put on the chicken. This dinner was really tasty and easy-peasy.

Un-chiladas, chicken breast with salsa verde, spicy black beans, and brown rice

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