Ethiopian dinner. 11/9/20

Our son has offered to make an Ethiopian dinner. Everyone in the family has been trying to duplicate dishes from one of our favorite restaurants, Zeni, in San Jose. Their food is so delicious and the atmosphere seems authentic. We love to go there and often take out-of-town guests there to sample their wonderful dishes.

Ethiopian lentils, flank steak, kale, and white rice

Tonight we are having lentils in a berbere sauce, Ethiopian spiced flank steak, and kale. I think I like the lentils the best. I cannot post the recipes because while my son cooked, I was busy chopping up vegetables and so do not know the exact ingredients that went into each dish. The spices, though, were warm and inviting. I would suggest you try some recipes from the internet. Since injera, the bread of Ethiopia, is hard to procure, I would suggest serving everything with rice.

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