Sushi and coffee cake. 12/8/20

Weird combination for dinner no doubt. Tuesday was my birthday and the eating went all askew. I was supposed to be having a drinks and munch Zoom with my sisters but neither of them showed up with a drink or a munch. In the meantime John had gone out to buy a bunch of sushi for the event and for hors d’oeuvres for us. He went way overboard and bought a lot so we pitched our dinner plan and had sushi instead.

One of my platesful of sushi

This was followed by a special childhood favorite. I had told my daughter that when I was a kid we had a bakery guy who came door to door a couple of times a week delivering bread and confections. There was a coffee cake which was full of almonds, raisins, and almond paste and coated in sugar that I loved but also that my father loved. Needless to say I did not get much of the coffee cake when my mom bought it. My daughter searched on line for a close substitute and came up with a recipe for a Swedish tea ring that approximated my childhood fav.

Swedish tea ring

When I used to work in the diet industry I used to tell the people I coached that you are not overweight because you eat cake on your birthday but because you eat cake all the other days. Keeping this in mind I ate at least one third of the cake on my birthday knowing that I would not eat any for the rest of the year. It was spectacularly good especially with an after dinner drink.

Now back on the diet…

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