Lentil curry with vegetables. 1/7/21

Sorry to skip a day but much like most of the people in the U.S. I was watching the horrific events taking place in our nation’s capital on Wednesday. While John and I stayed glued to the TV we just grabbed a quick sandwich and called it dinner. So our week’s menu has really flown out the window.

On Thursday we got back on a track with a lentil curry with kale, carrots, and snow peas. Although we followed a somewhat elaborate recipe really all it boiled down to was bloom some curry-type spices, sauté shallot, garlic, and ginger, add stock and lentils, add carrots and snow peas near the end of cooking, and serve over kale. We completed our dinner with a piece of pita.

Curried lentils with vegetables over kale

As usual when we have one of the dinners where it is vegan or vegetarian and it is a stew and there is a lot of it, I ate too much. I just could not resist a second bowlful. Portion control remains one of the most difficult parts of eating like a normal person for me. I guess I would rather overeat one night and then undereat the next two days. Maybe I will get the hang of this maintenance stuff but it looks like I will be up and down during the week. Sigh.

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