Dining out – Ely, NV 4/18/21

Remember a couple of days ago when I suggested that dining on ethnic food might be a good way to eat in a healthy manner? After three days of not very good dinners, John and I have decided that maybe we should rethink our strategy.

Tonight we had Mexican food at a casino restaurant. I ordered shrimp fajitas. It had some sort of weird sauce on it which did not taste the way fajitas are supposed to. It came with a plate of accompaniments which were lettuce, tomatoes, rice, and refried beans. I rescued the shrimp from the fajita plate and put them on the accompaniments plate. I gave John the guacamole and told the server not to include sour cream or cheese on my entree.

The chips and salsa were good as was the guacamole. It figures that the things I want to avoid are the only items worth eating. It might be better for us to follow what we call Utah rules for the rest of our vacation. The Utah Rule states that one should only order meals with the fewest possible steps. In other words a steak is a better bet than shrimp fajitas.

Shrimp fajitas and chicken enchiladas

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