Chana dal two ways. 5/28, 29/21

We made Chana dal (dried chickpea stew) on Friday and then had it for leftovers on Saturday. On Friday we ate it on top of raw kale and rice with a garnish of mango salsa, cilantro, and sriracha.

Chana dal on top of raw kale and rice garnished with cilantro, mango salsa, and sriracha

On Saturday we made a mixture of leftover rice and Chana dal with kale stems and heated the whole thing together in the microwave which wilted the kale underneath. I love the color of the wilted kale and actually liked it better than the raw. It only took a minute in microwave to wilt the kale.

Chana dal/rice mixture over wilted kale with sriracha

Usually I try to place the leftovers I am going to eat on Saturday a little further away from its original day. I like Chana dal so much, though, that having it two days in a row was a bonus rather than a hardship.

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