Chilean sea bass with asparagus and butternut squash. 6/12/

Roasted Chilean sea bass, asparagus, and butternut squash

In the interest of making the cooking and clean-up as easy as possible we cooked our entire dinner in the oven. The last time I made butternut squash I had a bunch of cubes leftover so I froze them raw and they were already totally prepped when I needed them tonight. I gave the squash a 10 minute head start in a 425F oven and then added the asparagus. The fish also went in the oven at this point. Everything cooked an additional 14 minutes and finished at the same time.

I had asked John to make extra of the fish because I love it so much. It was absolutely delicious! The butternut squash did not brown as much as I expected and I think that was due to it having been frozen. The asparagus, I thought, was a little under-done but John thought it was perfect. This was a fabulous Saturday night dinner and we will be off to Costco this week to buy more of their exceptionally economical and beautiful Chilean sea bass.

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