Lentils with turkey sausage and vegetables. 8/31/21

I was reading yesterday about foods that are high in folate and how they help to keep your brain healthy as you age. Lentils were one of the foods mentioned. I have lentils on my menu twice this week! Since my mango was not yet ripe enough for the planned salmon dinner, I decided I would move up one of the lentil dishes.

Lentils with turkey sausage, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and kale

Look at that bowl of lentil-y goodness! We have not made this in a while because it seems too hot for this sort of meal but it is not so hot today and this dish is just filled with yummy, healthy deliciousness.

It is really easy to make. First sauté mushrooms, then add onions and garlic and some red pepper flakes. Next I put in some more finely diced turkey sausage reserving the larger pieces for later. I want some of the turkey sausage to give up its flavor to the pot and the larger pieces just warmed through at the end of cooking.

Next all the vegetables except the kale leaves are added plus a few thyme twigs and a dash of salt and pepper. A cup and a half of lentils and 3+cups of stock go in and the whole thing simmers for about 25 minutes. At the end I add the kale so it can wilt and the turkey sausage to get warmed through. At this point I taste it and add additional seasoning. I find that a few drops of fish sauce helps with the salt level and umami.

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