Scallops with green beans and broccoli. 10/29/21

Having scallops for dinner always seems like a special occasion. In fact we opened a nice bottle of Chardonnay to drink with it. Due to the wine drinking, I decided to forego the new potatoes and make myself a double vegetable plate. John and our daughter went with the original concept.

Seared scallops with tartar sauce, green beans, and broccoli

Since he was cooking 15 scallops John seared them on a flat top grill pan. Normally he uses a frying pan when it is just the two of us. The grill got a little hotter than the pan does and so the scallops are a little darker and firmer than usual but still very tasty.

I cut the broccoli into larger pieces than I usually do so I could cook the beans and the broccoli together without the broccoli getting overcooked. Since three of us were eating, I added a tablespoon of butter and a little water to cook the vegetables.

The tartar sauce is a recipe that I asked for and received from the Fish Market, a seafood restaurant out here on the West Coast. We have always loved their tartar sauce. The secret is yellow mustard. They only gave me the ingredients, not the amounts of each ingredient. So the recipe below is my approximation.

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