Chicken cacciatore with spaghetti. 11/1/21

Chicken cacciatore with spaghetti

Sometimes when you try to adapt a recipe to your heathy eating lifestyle you end up almost ruining it. Here is the original recipe. We decided not to use a whole chicken roasted in the oven but chicken breasts in the immersion circulator. We put red wine, herbs, and garlic along with a little oil in the bag with the chicken and let it cook to 159F.

Since we needed the herbs and chicken drippings from the sous vide bag, we sat the chicken in a warm oven while I finished making the sauce and reduced it. Then we put the spaghetti and the chicken in sauce. At the end the sauce needed some sriracha to make it spicy and additional salt but it came out pretty okay. The spaghetti was also good. But the chicken had turned into strange, tasteless sponges.

John put a bunch of oil and parmesan cheese on his which helped. If you are planning on making this dish just follow the recipe. Back in my “before” days, I made this chicken cacciatore using the actual recipe. It turned out much better.

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