Slimmed down shrimp scampi with penne and broccoli. 11/13/21

Shrimp scampi with penne and broccoli

What makes this shrimp scampi slimmed down? For one thing the sauce uses only 2 teaspoons of olive oil for two servings. The rest of the sauce is onions, garlic, chicken stock, white wine, and lemon juice. At the end of the sauce-making I put in a couple of tablespoons of capers, some parsley, and lemon zest. Another reason for its diet friendliness is because there are only 2 ounces of pasta per serving. Finally I am not asking the pasta to do all the work here. I good portion of my plate is covered by broccoli which tastes awfully good in the lemony sauce.

It is easy to eat the things you love and still have them fit into a healthy lifestyle. You just need to think about how to approach traditional high-caloric recipes and turn them into lower calorie offerings. And remember vegetables are your best friends for filling up a plate.

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