Vegan! Ethiopian spicy red lentils plus Ethiopian cabbage, potatoes, and carrots (atakilt wat). 11/22/21

Spicy red lentils and atakilt wat

Our family loves the food at Zeni’s, an Ethiopian restaurant in San Jose, but it is kind of a schlep to go there and, of course, pandemic. So every once in a while John and I try to make a dinner reminiscent of the fabulous dishes we get there. Zeni’s entrees are served atop injera, Ethiopian bread, but sadly we have no source for it.

SUGGESTED CHANGES TO FOLLOWING RECIPES: Tonight’s foray into Ethiopian cuisine was definitely better than others we have tried. On the Atakilt wat I need to use less cardamom and cinnamon. Also cabbage in bigger chunks than the recipe calls for and smaller chunks of potatoes. I definitely needed some broth for cooking it without burning. On the lentils watch out for using too much Berbere. Ours is super hot and 1/2 teaspoon is plenty. Both dishes required more salt than suggested.

Here is a link to the spicy red lentils recipe I used –

And here is the one for Atakilt wat –

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