Salmon with sheet pan vegetables 12/23/21

What with all the Christmas hoopla I forgot to post dinner from Thursday night.

Salmon with sheet pan cabbage, potatoes, leek, carrots, broccoli stems,
and celery

While John was busy brining and cooking the salmon in a dry pan with a light coating of sea salt over a low flame, I cooked a bunch of different vegetables on sheet pans in a 425F oven. First I dropped them in a plastic bag and added olive oil and salt and shook the veg around so that everything got coated. I started with the potatoes and cabbage since they were going to need longer in the oven. After 10 minutes I added another sheet pan of the remaining vegetables.

The dark char you see on the leek and cabbage is definitely intentional. The crispy bits are so tasty and crunchy! I accompanied the dish with a very mustard-y tartar sauce.

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