Salad and pesto pasta. 1/12/22

Today I was extra hungry so I decided that a two course dinner would help me control the munchies. As much as I frequently say that I do not like making salads, I do enjoy eating them. A salad before my bowl of pasta took the edge off my hunger and allowed me to eat the pesto pasta at a more mindful pace.

Romaine and cabbage salad with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, scallions, and pepperoncini

A few months ago before my basil turned into frost-bitten slime I made pesto. I froze little blocks of the pesto in a 1/4 cup ice tray. They now reside in my freezer in a plastic bag ready and waiting for a quick pasta dinner. After our Carba-nada fusilli was cooked and drained I plopped a defrosted one in and stirred it around in the hot pasta with a little pasta water. It’s not much pesto for two portions of fusilli but all those little pasta ridges catch and hold onto the least little bit floating by. I ate it slowly and savored every bite!

Fusilli with pesto and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese
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