Gingery red lentils with kale and rice. 2/7/22

Gingery red lentils (Afghani dal) with raw kale, rice/cauliflower rice mix, yogurt, and sriracha

What a yummy lentil dish this is! The coral colored “red” lentils turn yellow during cooking and are spiced with fresh ginger, onions, garlic, turmeric, cumin, and cayenne. To keep this dish vegetarian/vegan use water or vegetable stock to cook the lentils in. If it doesn’t matter use chicken stock. It is quick cooking as the lentils will be softened after 20 minutes.

I like to serve the lentils on a bed of raw kale topped with a warmed up mixture of cauliflower rice and white rice, 50/50. For vegans use a plant base yogurt or regular plain yogurt if you are not. A sqeeze of lemon in the lentils and some sweet, spicy sriracha finishes the dish.

For the exact proportions, here is the recipe I use:

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