Steelhead trout sesame bowl. 2/11/22

Steelhead trout, avocado, cucumber, and cabbage in a soy-ginger sauce sprinkled with ebi furikake over rice

If you are thinking that the steelhead trout looks a lot like yesterday’s salmon, you would be right because we had Trout Niçoise yesterday and I misnamed it. Anyway, because we bought a large piece of this trout at Costco we needed to eat it two days in a row.

Once again John cooked it expertly, just cooked through. I made the vegetables and the sauce. And everyone in our household enjoyed it. I used a mandolin to slice the cucumber and cabbage thinly. Instead of just using bagged cabbage slaw I sliced an actual cabbage. It was much better than the bagged stuff, juicy and fresh tasting.

I whizzed up some ginger and scallions in my mini-food processor (I am so glad I bought it) and combined that with the liquids, soy sauce, white vinegar, and a neutral oil to make the dressing for the dish and sprinkled ebi furikake over the top.

So far I have made this sesame bowl with salmon, steelhead trout, and shrimp but much like the Niçoise salad of Thursday I think you could use other types of fish and shellfish and even chicken or tofu as the protein in this yummy dish.

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