Salmon Salade Niçoise. 2/10/22

Salmon Salade Niçoise with egg, potatoes, olives, snow peas, and tomatoes on raw kale with a mustard sauce

What do I love about this dish most? It’s the decision-making of what to eat next. Do I make a circuit around the plate again and again until everything is eaten? Do I eat the thing I like best entirely first or save it for last? This is a very interactive plate of food that is as fun to eat as it is delicious and attractive.

Kudos to John who cooked a perfect piece of salmon and kudos to me for making the rest of it. I used my new favorite, shredded kale from Trader Joe’s, as a base. With one small pot of boiling water I boiled the hard boiled eggs, followed by a quick blanch of the snow peas, and then a 15 minute cook on the new potatoes. I laid those artfully around the plate along with some cherry tomatoes and castelvetrano olives. John put on the salmon and I dressed the plate with mustard sauce that I make out of Skinny Girl buttermilk dressing and Dijon and whole grain mustards.

Now I am thinking why not other types of seafood on a similar plate? Shrimp Niçoise? Mahi mahi Niçoise? Or even chicken Niçoise?

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