Roasted tilapia with red lentil sauce, butternut squash, and green beans. 3/25/22

Roasted tilapia with red lentil sauce, roasted mashed butternut squash, and sautéed Frenched green beans

Since I knew I was going to be busy towards the end of the day, I starting doing my prep for dinner in the morning. First up was the butternut squash which I split in half, scooped out the seeds, scored and seasoned with salt and nutmeg before putting it in a 425F oven for about 40 minutes. While it was still hot from the oven I scraped out the pulp from the skin and seasoned it with salt and some faux butter.

Dismantling the roasted butternut squash

While the butternut squash was roasting I Frenched my unpalatable looking green beans. I have a special gadget that slices the green beans length-wise and removes the string at the same time. When I was a kid my mother always made green beans this way using a three-bladed contraption that was mounted on the end of her peeler. Actually both types for making French green beans are available through Amazon. (Look for bean slicer)

Green beans slices length-wise with my bean slicer

At dinnertime all that was left to do was a quick cook on the beans, and a reheat in the microwave for the butternut squash. John took care of the fish which he seasoned with salt, Old Bay, garlic, and a little olive oil and roasted in a 400F oven for 13 minutes. He suggested we use our leftover red lentils from yesterday as a sauce so I added some additional lemon juice and whizzed them to sauce consistency with a plunge blender.

Our dinner not only tasted good but was visually bright which is always a sign that you are getting some excellent nutrients from your veggies!

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