Fusilli with broccolini and mushrooms. 3/30/22

Fusilli with broccolini and mushrooms

I suggested to John last night that maybe we should have pasta with vegetables twice a week. It is delicious, quick, inexpensive, and easy. Plus it’s vegan! Really how many dinners can check all those boxes!

So I chopped up the mushrooms and got them going in a pan with dried oregano, chile flakes, and two teaspoons of olive oil. Next I chopped the onion while the mushrooms cooked. John minced some garlic. (Thanks, John!) Then he boiled the salted water while I chopped the broccolini stems and threw them in with the mushrooms et al. I added a little pasta water to help the stems along. John gave me a cup of the pasta water to use for sauce and he dumped in the cooked, drained pasta and I added the florets. Stir, stir, over heat, add some pasta water. Voila, we are done. Our kitchen pas de deux took maybe 20 minutes.

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