New! Tuna poke with rice 4/28/22

Tuna pole bowl with cucumbers mango, edamame, cabbage, and cilantro over rice

We went to Costco on Tuesday and decided to buy a package of tuna that looked great. I have been wanting to try making poke so this seemed like a good time. I used this recipe from Serious Eats as a starting point Of course I put my own spin on it by using less soy sauce and less sesame oil plus substituting the Splenda for the honey. I was amazed when I went to one of the local grocery stores and that had ripe mango and ripe avocado. It seemed like an omen that I should make this dish. I sliced the cucumber and the cabbage thinly on the mandolin and chopped the other ingredients. We had some leftover rice and some left over dressing from the salmon bowls which I sprinkled on top. Then I mixed some mayo and sriracha for a drizzle. It was delicious!! I am looking forward to making this again although not too often since tuna is very expensive!

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