Dal bukhara, chandi pindi with rice and naan 4/29/22

Bukhara dal (lentils), chana (chickpeas) pindi, basmati rice, naan

On Friday John and I went out to lunch at the Yeti Restaurant, a Nepalese?Indian place, in Glen Ellen, CA. These days when I am going to eat out I like to go to a restaurant that makes something I do not usually make at home or that is difficult to make at home. I also like to get some new ideas for something I might try making in the future.

I ordered the bukhara dal and it was wonderfully delicious. John was equally happy with his chana pindi. According to the menu the dal, or black lentils in this case,  are ”cooked overnight in the embers of the tandoori together with onions, chili, ginger, fresh cream and butter with a garnish of cilantro tomatoes and sprout beans.” Ah, cream and butter, that must be one reason why it was so delicious. John’s chana (chickpeas) pindi is described as “garbanzo beans cooked with mango powder and Indian spices.”

Now I have two new ideas for vegetarian dinners!

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