Herb-y salad with shrimp and nuoc cham 8/2/22

salad with herbs, shrimp, and nuoc cham

This herb-y salad is super easy, super tasty, and just what you need on a hot summer night. The salad part is a combo of an arugula/spinach mix (but you could use any greens), cabbage, cucumber, red bell pepper, mint, and basil. We cooked our own shrimp but you could totally use pre-cooked shrimp and not have to turn on your stove at all. The nuoc cham dressing is made with 2 parts lime juice and 1 part fish sauce, a minced clove of garlic, a minced hot chile like Thai or bird’s eye, and then sweetened to your taste. I used half of a pack of Splenda but you could use sugar or whatever.

This recipe was adapted from one on the NYTimes cooking site. Theirs called for a lot of sugar in the dressing and cooked chicken. I think that tofu would also work well in this recipe if you want to keep it vegetarian but you would also need to change the dressing to soy based.

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