Surf and turf bowl. 8/8/22

We used Sunday night’s leftovers from our all-appetizer family dinner to create our surf and turf bowls. We had leftover bbq ribs meat for our turf and shrimp cocktail shrimp for the surf. Sliced up cucumbers from our veggie platter were part of the dish as well as newly prepared cabbage, avocado, green onions, edamame, and Thai chiles. I made up a new batch of soy ginger vinaigrette and a garnish of cilantro, lime, and Furikake.

Surf and turf bowl ingredients

We all fixed our own bowls according to what we like best. I started with some cauliflower rice and went light on the meat and avocado. John and our daughter started with regular rice and ate everything else. Only leftover from tonight was a small container of dressing!

Tonight’s dinner was basically no-cook, economical, and very tasty!

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