Seared scallops, steamed potatoes, snow peas. 8/13/22

Pan-seared ocean scallops, steamed potatoes, and sautéed snow peas

John and I sat in the dining room for dinner tonight. Usually we are in the family room with the TV on but we decided that scallops needed our full attention. John was in charge of searing the scallops and I was in charge of the potatoes, the snow peas, and the tartar sauce.

Usually I buy the small new potatoes but they were over $4 for 1.5 lbs. and I felt like that was just too much. So I found a 3 pound bag for $5 and decided I would just cut them in quarters and steam them like I would the small potatoes. As a consumer I have an idea about what things should cost and there are some lines that I just cannot cross, at least not yet. The potatoes took about 25 minutes to steam and then I covered them to keep them warm. While they were cooking I made the tartar sauce.

At this point John sprang into actions and heated the cast iron frying pan to cook the scallops. I put the snow peas on at the same time. Both the scallops and the snow peas take very little time.

John opened a nice bottle of white wine and we had our elegant, dining room dinner. We actually had a conversation during dinner, something that is impossible with the television on. I think I may try eating in the dining room more often!

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