Cannellini beans with tuna. 8/16/22

Cannellini beans and juniper berries with tuna and pickled onions on kale

It is hard to know exactly what the temperature is going to be where we live. The San Francisco Bay Area is made up of many micro climates. It can be 105F 35 miles inland where we live and under 60F on the Golden Gate Bridge at the same time. So depending on shifting winds and the marine layer a lot of times the forecast is just wrong. Tuesday it was supposed to be hot. Depending on your weather app the temperature could be anywhere from mid 90s to mid 100s. We figured it was a good day not to use the cooktop or oven.

As it turned out the high was106F in the afternoon but about 60F around 7:30 AM. John and I played tennis in the morning but hunkered down inside in the afternoon. I had decided on tuna and beans for dinner. I am really glad I picked a no-cook dinner.

Dinner prep consisted of opening a couple of cans of cannellini beans, a can of tuna, quick-pickling half an onion sliced thinly, and making a vinaigrette. I also had John pulverize 12 juniper berries in a mortar and pestle. We like the taste of them with cannellini beans. We put our beans and tuna over a bed of raw kale.

This simple and easy dinner was a great way to have a tasty dinner without heating up the kitchen!

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