Hummus and tabbouleh with pita 9/8/22

Hummus and tabbouleh with pita

Thursday night’s dinner was another extreme hot weather enterprise. This no-cook dinner featured hummus bought from the local grocery store, whole grain pita, radishes, feta, pepperoncini, and tabbouleh which I made myself. My recipe is one that I adapted from a NYT recipe.

I admit that making the tabbouleh is quite a chore. As the family gave the dinner great accolades and asked that I make it again, I am thinking of trying the tabbouleh from a deli or restaurant that sells it and then merely doctoring it up. I see nothing wrong with taking a shortcut.

The weather people are saying today might only get to the upper 90s and should be the last day of the extreme heat. I certainly hope so! Our high temperatures typically only last for three days before the cooler Pacific air makes it way to the East Bay. Ten days of heat is unprecedented. I am hoping that we will be spared any more high temps this year but I have lived here long enough to not start hoping for the end of summer until October 1!

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